The tape, the boots and the beer.

Last Thursday was the first club game of the season where the light was really challenging. I didn’t realise how lucky I’d been with the weather up until Thursday. When I shoot, I tend to keep the shutter speed at or above 1/1000sec for rugby, generally speaking. So far this season the ISO setting’s have maxed out at between 1200 – 1600, but Thursday’s 4:00pm kick off meant my IS0 was sitting at 3200 at kick off and was reaching 6000 to 8000 by midway through the second half (that’s shoot at 4.5). The image quality can really start to drop off in those ranges under such limited lighting however those are the challenges when shooting outdoor sports in autumn and winter.

Alhambra Union v Southern (18.04.19)Levi Emery of Alhambra Union moves the ball wide during the Dunedin premier club rugby match between Alhambra Union and Southern played at the North Ground in Dunedin, on Thursday 18th April, 2019. – Buy

From The  Glory Days

Dunedin Club Rugby Semi Final - Alhambra Union v Pirates- 10th July 2010Part of the crowd during the Premier semi-final match between Alhambra Union and Pirates played at Carisbrook, Dunedin, 10th July 2010. – Buy

Tape, boots and beer is a blog dedicated to grassroots rugby in New Zealand and the people involved. Through an ever evolving visual narrative, Tape, boots and beer portrays the daily and weekly happenings of the local club rugby scene in Dunedin and from around New Zealand. It’s a story about people, their love affair with rugby and the communities they come from.

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