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Here at Caswell Images we have recently added a number of new features to our online store to meet the growth in demand for  images. Caswell Images maintains a Photo Library of royalty-free, sports photos that are great for athletes and clubs. It is a supplier of images for business and consumers with a range Licenses, and we also have some stunning pieces of Fine Art that can be purchased for the wall at home.


DPP_0003Caswell Images Photo Library is a stock photography provider, based in Dunedin, New Zealand that maintains a sports photo library of royalty-free, sports photos. It is a supplier of stock images for business, media, sports clubs, athletes and consumers. It targets three markets – corporate (marketing and communication), sport (clubs, teams and athletes), and the media (print and online publishing). Read more ….


Photo License HeaderThe licenses we use here at Caswell Images have been developed to reflect the different needs of our customers and Caswell Images long term vision. We have taken great care to select and develop licenses that meet the needs of our many visitors from around New Zealand and overseas. Find out about our polices and find the one that’s right for you. Read more ….


DPP_0001Purchasing a piece of art is a personal choice and often based on emotion and desire. It has to be about you. What do you like? What do you want to see on your wall? There is currently a large number framed photos that are available for purchase. These pieces of art are printed on high quality machines, they are carefully mounted, framed and beautifully finished in glass. They are simply stunning works of art that will light up any room. Read more ….




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