The Preseason

Now that we are in February the serious preseason really starts. Until now it’s been the preseason of the preseason for clubs in January. However,  I’m not sure that early February preseason and public holidays mix well together. Add to the mix and awful few days of weather earlier in the week and the numbers at training were probably never gonna be high tonight. 

At Shark Park they were battling what the MetService described as a ‘calm wind’ while doing the hard mahi that’ll pay dividends come June/July.

Preseason Training (06.02.20)
Shark frenzy – Order Print
Preseason Training (06.02.20)
Kane Jury – Order Print
Preseason Training (06.02.20)
Preseason proper – Order Print
Preseason Training (06.02.20)
Out come the tackle bags – Order Print
Preseason Training (06.02.20)
Steve Mowat – Order Print
Preseason Training (06.02.20)
Sebastian Vaka – Order Print
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